God's Gift - 14 Days [Episode 14]
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while being cute is annoying, being sexy is slutty. while being popular is overrated, being new is annoying. while doing a similar concept is being a wannabe, doing a different one is ridiculous. when you go through a scandal, they tell you that you should disband and when you have no scandals, they ask “who are these nobodies?” female idols deal with hate on a powerful level because part of the kpop fandom won’t be satisfied with them. as comebacks keep happening, the dislike towards girl groups spreads like a fire set by misogynists.

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Onew doing his own version of gwiyomi.

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let’s play the “how much time can i waste before i start crying about how stressed i am because im procrastinating my life away” game

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"no one knows who b1a4 are"

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I can’t understand the meaning of my heart
I think I’m hesitating, it doesn’t work right
I can’t express the feelings I have right now in words
What could this be?

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10 and Rose + Colours Abound

You deserve the kind of love you would give someone else.
Anonymous:  what is your sexual/romantic orientation?

(。・ω・。) I like guys?

Anonymous:  Do you miss cnu's old bunny teeth?

Honestly, I do. I think it was part of his charm at debut and I thought it was adorable.

Of course, it doesn’t bother me that he had them fixed. For him to want to do that, it meant he must have felt insecure about them. I don’t see WM being the type of company to force him to do something like that. I’m sure that CNU feels more confident about himself now and that’s great. ❤️

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